1st Oct 2020 – Pre Market Report | Nifty & Bank Nifty | Trade Explanation

1st October Pre Market Report

Hello Traders, Good Morning!

This is Pre Market Report which I give based on my analysis. I upload this report almost daily before 8 AM. So, if you find it helpful do not hesitate to read it.

Disclaimer – Below are just my views. I can be wrong. I am asking no one to follow these. I am writing my views just for my own record. I am not responsible if anyone follow these and makes losses in the Stock Market.

Pre Market Report | Time – 6.25 AM

  1. Yesterday Nifty & Bank Nifty Opened in red but resisted to go down, which shows that bulls are holding the market.
  2. Last night US Markets ended up in green.
  3. When coming to Asian Markets, they were also trading on the positive side.
  4. From the above points, I am expecting most probably Nifty & Bank Nifty are going to start on the positive side.
  5. Today is expiry but I am expecting one-sided move by bulls.
  6. Last expiry bears gave one-sided move when the market went down but today I am thinking that it is going to be bulls who ride the market.
  7. When coming to crucial levels, for bank nifty the support levels would be 21340 – 21420 and for nifty support, the level is 11230 – 11250
  8. I am not giving resistance levels because I am expecting one side move even it’s expiry day.

If I take any trades I will explain them below in the later part of the day

Trade Explanation

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