25/09/2020 – Pre Market Report & Trade Explanation

Hello Traders, Very Good Morning. we are the at the end of this week and markets all around the world became completely bearish from few days. Yesterday Nifty Just went below 10800. Below I am providing my view of the street today.


Below are just my views. I can be wrong. I am asking no one to follow these. I am writing my views just for my own record. I am not responsible if anyone follow these and makes losses in the Stock Market.

Pre Market Analysis – Time 7:43 AM

  1. After many bearish sessions, yesterday US markets ended on the positive side.
  2. When coming to the Asian markets, I can say that they are also following the Sentiment created by US Markets. They are currently trading positively.
  3. SGX Nifty is up by 0.65% and trading at levels of 10900
  4. From the above points, I am expecting our markets to be on the green side at least in the first half of today.
  5. If it goes up also I am not expecting Nifty to go above 10980.
  6. When coming to Bank Nifty, it completely broke many support levels. I won’t be surprised if it touches even 19500 in the coming days if this bearish sentiment starts again. As of today, I do not have any view on bank nifty.
  7. But in the second half, I am expecting Nifty to make some moves.

If I take any trade I will mention them below on the latter part of the day.

Trade Explanation


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