8 OCT Pre Market Report | Nifty & Bank Nifty

Good Morning traders! Here we are at the second expiry of this month. So, below I mentioned what we can expect from today’s market


Below are just my views. I can be wrong. I am asking no one to follow these. I am writing my views just for my own record. I am not responsible if anyone follows these and makes losses in the Stock Market.

Pre Market Report | Time – 5.56 AM

  1. Currently SGX Nifty is at a level of 11810 which is sentimentally strong resistance.
  2. Yesterday the US performed well.
  3. But today I am not expecting big movements in our market at least before 1.30 PM
  4. When coming to levels for Nifty, it may trade between 11724 and 11800. If nifty opens at 11800 (gap up) then there is a chance of coming back to 11720 levels if the strong up movement is not shown in the first 10 mins
  5. When coming to Bank Nifty I am expecting a 200 point range. i.e., 22900 to 23000. If 22100 is broken next stop would be 23100.
  6. Today I am planning to go for the short straddle which is a non-directional strategy.

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