AdEx (ADX) Cryptocurrency | All You Need to Know About AdEx (ADX) Trading

What is AdEx (ADX)?

AdEx (or AdEx Network) is an open-source ad-exchange platform based on blockchain technology. Adex coin utilises Ethereum smart contracts. The AdEx strategy goal is to replace and disrupt existing digital advertising platforms. It is based on building a unique and personalized profile called the AdEx User Profile. Using adex platform users may decide which advertisements are sent to them. This AdEx User Profile functionality enables AdEx profile advertisers to maximize returns on their advertising by offering user-focused adverts.

What is AdEx Cryptocurrency?

AdEx coin or AdEx cryptocurrency is an ERC20 token. This is the official cryptocurrency of the AdEx platform. These coins/tokens can be used for bidding, buying, and selling ad spaces on websites.

Is AdEx a good cryptocurrency?

If you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns, ADX can be a profitable investment option. Since AdEx has good liquidity, it can be bought and sold easily. Initially, the AdEx platform had 159 users, but now more than 6,200 people are using it. As AdEx coin is based on its platform, the demand for it has grown exponentially. (Source –

Primary Features of CoinSwitch for AdEx (ADX) Trading

CoinSwitch Kuber is a safe, user-friendly website for Indian consumers to buy cryptocurrencies, such as AdEx coin, quickly and simply with various payment alternatives. Users can use the pooled liquidity of India’s top exchanges to obtain the best rate and trade instantly. Some of its key features are as follows.

  1. The platform’s intuitive UI makes it the simplest app to trade in cryptocurrencies.
  2. CoinSwitch offers zero fees for transactions.
  3. CoinSwitch Kuber pools liquidity from the leading exchanges to give you the best rates.

AdEx (ADX) Coin ICO Summary

The ADX cryptocurrency raised about USD 12 million in under eight hours during its initial coin offering (ICO) in June 2017. There was a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies at the time, both from the general public and businesses. The ICO token price was set at USD 0.2399. The total quantity available for sale was ADX 46800000 and the total supply stands at ADX 114,316,507.54837.

 How to Use AdEx Coin

  1. AdEx coin is an essential component of AdEx Core. AdEx intends to introduce a new currency called ADXT, which will allow players to be rewarded with newly minted tokens for specific activities.
  2. Products and services can be bought using Adex Coins.
  3. Adex cryptocurrency is used for investment and trading.

Pros of Investing in AdEx Coin/AdEx cryptocurrency

  1. AdEx Coin is based on Ethereum
  2. It offers decentralized regulation
  3. It offers high security because of blockchain technology
  4. There are very few possibilities for fraud
  5. The AdEx market has good liquidity compared to others

Cons of Investing in AdEx Coin

  1. It is still in the development phase
  2. It can face competition from other cryptocurrencies, such as BAT and Qchain

FAQs about AdEx Coin

1. What is AdEx Crypto?

AdEx Network (ADX) or AdEx Crypto is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The current supply of AdEx cryptocurrency is 124 million, with 116 million in circulation.

2. Is AdEx Coin a good investment?

AdEx might be a good investment because it is built to disrupt existing ad networks. So, it is likely that AdEx Coin will have a great future.

3. What is AdEx Exchange?

AdEx Exchange is a decentralized ad exchange platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its goal is to disrupt the existing online advertising environment and overcome issues such as fraud and privacy concerns.

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