Rich vs Poor Mentality – How Financial Education Plays Important Role

Have you ever questioned yourself how rich people actually got rich? Here I am talking about the one who became wealthy from normal life. In this article let us discuss the rich vs poor mentality and how financial education make a difference between both of them.

Poor Mentality

These are the people who stay in their comfort zones and don’t take any risk to become financially free. They usually blame others for being poor. For example, there are many people who depend only on 9 to 6 job for their living.

It might be you or friend or your neighbor. Let us assume that you are that guy. Now answer yourself how many times you regretted for what you are doing. How many times did you get disappointed with the appraisals? and How many times you wanted to quit the job? But have you quit it? No, you won’t. Why? Because you may have many reasons to say. Just you may be afraid of loosing source of income or you may be afraid of what your parents or society will think about you or may be any other reasons.

But these reasons which you are telling now makes you stay poor till your death. There are many ways to escape this. If you don’t love your work then do what you love. Build assets like stocks, gold, real estates, etc., If you have any business idea, work on it along with your job till it gets a shape. After that, it will be your biggest asset.

Rich Mentality

These people are not angels fallen from the sky. They are normal people like us. But they transformed their way of thinking. Every one of us has dreams but how many of us worked to make them true. These guys do work for themselves. They have a different vision and thinking process. These aren’t coming by birth, they develop them day by day.



People with this kind of mindset come out of their comfort zones to achieve what they want. For that, they will be always ready to take the risks but in a proper calculated manner.

Rich don’t waste money on liabilities instead they always build assets.

Why we need money?

In civilized terms money is nothing but power, it is a converter of energy,
without energy we can’t live that’s why we need money, 98% of people
store their energy in the potential form that’s why they are normal people like me and you, we are not taking any risk in our life because of insecurity
feeling. If anything goes wrong, we are not able the face the situation. In case if it goes wrong you think that everyone starts judging you. I never forget this quote in my life

Financial education: "Money doesn't need any relations, but your relations depends on
 your money "

Money doesn’t need any relations, but your relations depends on
your money

Rich convert their ideas into real-world working product. Here are the few

  • Bill gets net worth in Indian currency is 6,38,950 crores.
  • Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO is net worth in Indian currency 9,44,450 cores.
  • Jack ma Alibaba founder, his net worth in Indian currency 2,20,500 crores.
  • Elon Musk founder of Tesla, his net worth in Indian currency 1,33,900 crores.
  • India’s number one billionaire is Mukesh Ambani CEO of Reliance, his net worth is 3,52,950 Cr.

Is it possible to earn this much of money for an ordinary person?

Yes, it’s possible, everything is depending on your thinking, try to identify
the problem and make a solution. Make a business model out of it.

I will tell an example of a youngster from a middle-class
family like me and you and he became a billionaire at the age of 21, currently his net worth 2600 cores at the age of 24 years. His name is
Ritesh Agrawal founder of OYO rooms another example like Red bus, Instamojo, etc.


Our education system doesn’t teach about financial education, now u have this question your mind what is financial education? Is it really important

Yes, it important because most of the middle-class youngster’s having a lot of financial problems due to lack of financial knowledge. And the current generation having the only material knowledge.

You can read more about financial knowledge in this article –

Back into the History

Financial education Power of Brain

Once we look back our Upanishad, in Mundaka Upanishads there is a concept called para vidya and Apara vidya it means there are two types of knowledge one is a material knowledge and another one spiritual knowledge. Apara vidya means material knowledge we all are lean form our schools, colleges, and universities. This material knowledge will give you only GO THROUGH LIFE. Para vidya means spiritual knowledge will give real-life experiences, you should learn a lot from the para vidya means spiritual knowledge. But in the 21st century we need to learn financial knowledge it is the most important to lead struggle-free life.

Financial education

With material knowledge, you can get a job and can find a way to make money but without financial knowledge, you find it difficult to manage the money you earned.

Due to the lack of financial education, most of the people don’t have control over their money. They lack one of the most important skill which is making money working for them and building assets.Rich vs Poor Mentality – How Financial Education Plays Important Role

Unfortunately, in India, we have 121 cores population, in out of that count, only 0.01% of people only having these 3 different types of knowledge. Remaining 22.9 million people are having the affluent income. These people having the material knowledge and some of my have spiritual. 604.3 million people are middle and lower-middle-class who don’t have the proper income due to lack of proper material knowledge. Remaining 574.8 million people belongs to poor categories. These people don’t have access to learn knowledge. So how they can’t even try to learn what is money and how it works. Money comes and go but your knowledge won’t go away.

Awareness about financial education can bring a lot of change in people life.



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